Limited mobility friendly rooms

1 - 2 Adults 15sq.m.

Accessibility and comfort during your stay in Thessaloniki.

Our main entrance, the breakfast room as well as the cafe bar are easily accessible. Our elevator’s door opening is 0,65 m (total size is 1,02 X 1,05). Should you require assistance, there is an extra wheelchair available that fits in our elevator. The hotel menu is available in Braille. Five (5) of our guestrooms have en suite bathrooms with walk in showers and special features allowing full mobility and safety.
3 double rooms (interior view) : Room door opening= 0,70-0,75 m// bathroom door opening=0,70-0,90 m// Bed height=0,53 m

2 single rooms (city view): Room door opening= 0,90 m// bathroom door opening=0,80 m// Bed height=0,45 m